Why choose Froula Alarm Systems for your home camera systems:

Froula Alarm Systems specializes in different lines of security camera to meet our customer's unique security and budget needs. We offer:

  • A variety of hardwired and wireless camera options
  • A mix of analog and IP cameras
  • On-site storage, cloud storage or email clips
  • Multiple facility integration
  • Remote access from internet or smart phones
  • Cellular access
  • Video verification monitoring
  • Secure network setup
  • 24/7 technical assistance
  • Remote support on select systems
  • Customers with high data management needs our own custom built scalable Black Box Network Video Recorders.

Arlo Cameras

Arlo Cameras by Netgear are super easy and economical to install and setup.  They work from your home WIFI and share video clips based on motion to smart phone app.  Remote access allows easy arm/disarm capability. A cellular model, recently introduced, offers protection for boats, cars, or cabins, all wireless. 5 cameras are included in the cloud storage for free, but more cameras can be added for a monthly fee.  We recommend these in conjunction with traditional 24/7 monitored security systems.

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Hikvision  and Dahua 

Hikvision & Dahua offer great hybrid comprehensive video recording systems. Integrating both coaxial analog and IP digital cameras with onsite and flexable offsite cloud recording. With latest optimized video compression technology, bandwidth and storage cost is significantly decreased. Cameras are avaiable in dome, mini-dome, bullet and covert styles. Resolutions from 2 MegaPixel, 3MP, 4MP, 5MP to 8MP and 12MP 4K.

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Videofied wireless cameras are designed for hard to protect outdoor areas where catching perpetrators can be maximized. Video clips are sent to our monitoring station for professional review 24/7.  Operators determine if a crime appears to be ocurring, dispatch police, with a priority one . The monitoring station then dispatches the police immediatley with a priority one response.  

Blackbox NVR

Froula Alarm Systems provides custom built, fully scallable NVR's for residential and commercial applications.